Superman the Movie

Collection of Hand-Painted Concept Artwork

Categories: Concept Artwork, Production

Date Sold: 22/08/1970

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£ 406.50


A set of six hand-painted artworks detailing various scientific and electrical set pieces from Richard Donner’s Superman. These art pieces showcase a combination of pencil, paint and pastel on black paper and card, one appears to show an early imagining of the Krypton homeworld. Several pieces are mounted onto another layer of card; two even have Lange’s signature beneath the design.

The paper artworks have suffered slightly, with creases and wear to the edges. The crystal computer art has pinholes from being displayed. All are otherwise in very good condition. Illustrations are by Harry Lange and originate from his estate. Dimensions (largest artwork): 32 cm x 51 cm (12½” x 20”)