Superman the Movie

Clark Kent transformation suit worn by Christopher Reeve

Categories: Costume, Movie Props

Date Sold: 21/08/1970

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Grey pinstripe, single-breasted suit jacket and pants. The jacket has an internal Bermans & Nathans label “Chris Reeves [sic] 12849 Superman.” The pants are purpose-split at the back near the waistband, most likely for attachment of a wire harness for this scene. Reeve wore this suit during the scene in which Lex Luthor summons him with a high-pitched broadcast that “only Superman can hear.” Clark Kent then secretly slips out of a window of the Daily Planet building, and while wearing this suit, streaks towards
the ground and transforms into his Superman suit. A fantastic Christopher Reeve/Clark Kent suit worn in one of the great scenes of the film.

Estimate: $6,000 to $8,000